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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  November 6, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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and then tomorrow night. i will be here at 9:00 p.m. eastern. we have a special edition of the intelligence report. as we count down the final hours to election day. >> we start with breaking news. donald trump expected to arrive at any moment in the first date of his blue state blitz. he will land right there at the twin cities airport. four of them traditional. he began his tour in sioux city iowa. blasting his democratic opponent. hillary clinton for her chart.
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they suffered it. everything is on the ballot. they are facing a choice between hope and fear. asking them to commit to stopping a movement. foxbusiness. it goes to key locations across the nation. in one of the hottest americans for tax reform. be with us live at this hour. the entire foxbusiness crew live just two days before election day. let's start the countdown. liz: donald trump's plane is expected to land.
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we take the shot. the crowd here. as we are waiting. the weather looks pretty decent. we can get to that shot when it happens. we are to get a much clearer sense of how the u.s. stock market in your money will open tomorrow. the equity futures will give us a sense of how the markets will do. and then the index will kick things off at 7:00 p.m. that happens at 8:30 p.m. i does had wall street under its thumb. it's trying to break its longest losing streak in 36 years. we need to get you an alert on this stock.
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it broke a year ago. it's getting worse at this hour. they now extend their probe to include the current chairman as they look into allegations that management failed to inform investors in a timely fashion. in six days after that massive explosion that killed one and injured five others the alabama gasoline pipeline is officially back in service and online. the pipeline as it's called from the gulf coast all the way up to new york city. we are watching that story as well. we are back up and running. any moment donald trump will arrive at the sun country airline hanger. this is the second stop of the day. the trump campaign launches an all out blue state blitz by the time is said and done it will have hit five different states. i will, minnesota, michigan,
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in virginia in that order. very important to point out. four of them all traditionally democratic strongholds in fact the last time minnesota went republican was back when president nixon swept it. can they pull off a minnesota miracle. that is a state where trump is headed later this evening. they do have that. these are longshot states. he could pull off this miracle. are they worth the time. it's all about the race to 270 electoral votes. if you look at these college part directions whether it is the fox decision or some other source there is just about universal agreement they flip one big blue.
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and turn it over to his side. he has to take a state where he has been trailing in this particular cycle in the polls and flip it over to his side. he only had his first stop in iowa. trump may have a slight pulling advantage this time. into the point were making. we really weren't supposed to be here. we were to come back to iowa. mister trump you don't have to he wants to iowa. in the caucuses there. he has been leading in many of the recent iowa polls. other states are different. certainly here in pennsylvania although he has closed the gap. he hasn't let in the paulson's back paulsons back in june.
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and when he comes here and he won't even be done yet. he is still moving on. another reliably blue state. more to that point does drop -- trump have another choice. there is a horse race. the horse race. thank you very much. now as we wait to hear from donald trump in minneapolis minnesota we have to take the shot one more time. the crowd is a rather large. they are right there at the minneapolis-st. paul airport in an airplane hanger. as soon as he lands will take the shot. two hillary clinton she is making her way up to to cleveland ohio right now for an event with the cleveland cavalier stars lebron james. our these events enough to
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maybe turn voters attention. from even more releases with e-mails in the two days leading up to the election. even hillary for america communications director has tweeted friends, please remember if you see a whopper of a wikileaks in the next two days it's probably fake. will lebron be able to lift the polling numbers. let's get there. he's inside the public auditorium. there gathering to see that.
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they want to have another four years of barack obama. >> it's about doing everything we can to stop the movement to destroy presidt obama's legacy. it is about building and the gains in the progress we have made in the last eight years. it is about choosing hope over fear unity over divisioninton bt
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will be another four years of the administration of my friend barack obama. two different views. there is some data that looks better but in the aggregate it looks good. it seems so slow to see real growth. what a tight race this has become.
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it was a last day of early voting. and it's currently underway. with the up-to-the-minute numbers as of this moment. 49 percent of all registered voters in florida had decided. i know who i want. they had cast their ballot and as it stands now. democratic voters are coming out in larger numbers than republicans. he has been closely following the turn out. every second really. the latest numbers could on the surface indicate that maybe hillary has the lead. that is correct. people who might be registered as democrats may become dixiecrat's and vote republican. by those who had picked a political party with which to register that would indicate only two days that they are out casting ballots in greater numbers than republicans. and explain why they may be good or bad for either side. i want you to take a look at the video in orlando.
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it is the orlando area were president obama is present obama is going to be speaking and attempting to rally democratic voters. it has a huge number of registered democrats and they're trying to get them to go to the polls before the end of early voting today. because the numbers depending on how you spin it are either good or bad for democrats. first, florida 6.2 million people have already cast their ballot. among those who had registered for political parties republicans haven't mailed and does ballots. democrats have sent in 974,000 voting early going to a polling station. democrats 1.4 million roughly.
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the unaffiliated vote they had registered to vote but are a democrat or republican. there was a surge. in this point in a cycle 200,000 more hispanics had cast their vote in all of the hispanic votes that took place in early voting. the republicans point out it wasn't two weeks long. the other issue republicans believe the democrats had cannibalized the vote that will take place on tuesday and that people who would have normally voted on tuesday are actually in those numbers i just presented to you. it's all about the spin. that's what happening in florida.
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i expect they will have results. >> disco adam shapiro. that's exactly what it was. i start the day on the floor of the new york stock exchange. then my assignment at night is a great one. both candidates agree on
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something. that the tax code needs to be fixed. but who has a better chance of that. american for tax reform. in the chair and live to tell you what we think. we are waiting for donald trump to arrive. the crowd is there. it's starting to move. it's all coming right back.
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♪ grace and frankie, hemlock grove, season one of...! ♪ show me house of cards. finally, you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. >> we undertook in efforts for what is hurting the competitiveness. the two things that came out was tax policy. it is not taxes. it is a political gridlock that is hitting the growth. he joined us exclusively yesterday live on his just completed a study has going viral. the study of names that true reason why america's growth is stuck in neutral. the lack of faith that
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anything can get done. it is our tax code that has faced gridlock of its own. president of americans tax reform. >> what i want to do is pull out a couple of scenarios here. how you view comment on the chances that we would seek any kind of movement on taxes. let's say the house and senate stay red. compromise would be such a difficult thing to reach. do you eventually see. >> when her husband have a democratic house and senate he raised taxes. he cut the capital gains tax. white her campaign has all a
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bit about raising taxes she has not supported reducing anybody's tax rates. she opposes that now. if she is president with republican house and senate as possible because the need is so overwhelming that she could agree to take that corporate rate down. we do see a plane landing. we are trying to decide if mister trump is on that train. i apologize for any interruption. when i'm hearing you say. is that when bill clinton was president it actually got some things done. that he would then advise. >> she has watched obama take the position of not come from
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icing on anything and nothing moving except when he just flat out loss. it was defeated. his opposing the bush tax cut. with 85 percent of those renewed. it is possible that she could change her campaign position integrate to reduce marginal tax rates particularly on businesses. but we should remember that she has said she wants to raise taxes on everybody. >> you get people who are not for hillary a slight ray of hope if she is elected. let's say he wins on the house is held by republicans. that may seem to be a positive he's been calling for tariffs. it's not something that they
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would seem to like. on taxes like company like ford interior if they went to the free market. would they stand for some resistance. >> what they put forward at the actual tax plan. from 35% down to 15. that's almost exactly what the house republicans want to do. they both do for territoriality. we only text what happens inside the united states. those are the big three and they reduce marginal tax rates for all individuals. those plans are so similar. with there are some areas on trade where there was a different approach.
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many of them are solved if we stop regulating our companies to death. our competitiveness improves. >> i'm sure what you just said is music to business owners years -- years. americans for tax reform. disney has the perfect recipe for success. you start to get real granularity when it comes to box office numbers guess what, the blockbuster has pushed it to post its best ever landing. and that would be more than $6 billion total for the year
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so far at the global box office. they had struggled over the past year. down more than 20%. thanks to deadline hollywood. we shall see. with 30 minutes before the top of the hour. they usually cast their bets on sundays on nfl games we are betting on the way house. they are the big betting outfit in the united kingdom. president obama is about to speak hillary rally. will take you live there when that happens. don't go away. we are life.
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liz: we have some major breaking news right now it appears that the fbi director james comey has just sent a new letter to representative jason of utah.
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quote based on a review we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in july with respect to secretary clinton. he seen the top of the letter i write to supplement my letter which of course was a week ago friday but notified you that the fbi would be taking additional investigative steps with respect to the former secretary of state. a week ago on friday sent the whole thing. they are reopening the e-mail investigation. the fbi investigative team the large volume of e-mails from his device.
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they were only two are from hillary were from hillary clinton while she was secretary of state. based on our review we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in july with respect to secretary clinton. you may remember that what he expressed back in july was he would not recommend forwarding to the attorney general attorney -- loretta lynch for prosecution. it gives a ray of hope to the hillary clinton campaign that device was former representative anthony weiner's laptop. with one of these sleepers. they are not changing their original conclusion that they expressed back in july.
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i am just getting kennedy in the chair. it's important to mention that it's an extraordinary development just as the plane is expected to land in minnesota. in the next hour will be speaking in clinton. -- in cleveland. yesterday we were noting with some of her colleagues how quiet the weekend has been. it's interesting for a race that has taken some returns especially on friday the 28th of october. some of the 70 development between the fbi investigation. in the revelation it was so much. and the fact that we haven't really heard anything up until this point. and you have to wonder going into it tomorrow as voters are
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able to process this information. how will revelations like this factor into that most personal decision. that someone has to make just for themselves. they have come over a lot of attention they were attacking him. do you think it makes an extreme switch. i think it is very interesting it's very curious. they fell all over their cells on july 5. this is a man of integrity. look at what he's done. they were very angry. it's very interesting to see
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the con trust. when you look at the entire situation. they would ask them to print. you have a housekeeper. and yet they are saying we remain the exact same in our opinion. we have not found anything that takes us up. it seems almost impossible. and the bill in the memo that they were there are ways that the foundation seamlessly and
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intermingle with the personal enrichment. speemac while i was secretary of state. in so many non- revelations. you have to wonder at some int is this uncomfortable with the spotlight shifting. what you see is donald trump's plane. no doubt they know about it already. at length on my show. he talks about it. here on fox news many times.
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and how there are many agents whether it is a server or foundation. and the choice to not recommend indictment. >> this letter was dated november 6 today and the representative from utah who got the first one a week ago friday. since then by the way we have a nine session losing streak on the s&p due to this. you're looking atweet from a week ago friday. they appear to be pertinent to the e-mail investigation the case has been reopened that
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was because they have finally gotten opened the laptop and they found 650,000 pertinent e-mails now, we have the actual letter for which he is referencing. they just informed us based on our review we have not changed our conclusions stemming developments. these were sent to eight different chairman. who else. we have this of course. they felt that they are really focused on this. these are stunning major developments. a lot of people were expecting because we have seen this.
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there was just a much greater probability. his 90s enough time to go through 650,000 e-mails. is this a rush to judgment. and we once again see the pendulum shift. are they going to praise the fbi director. donald trump is about to get off of his plane. it was just a day and then all the days back. included in his last stump speech. to continue for with the investigation. will he bring up the art word,
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rigged. there are enough voters out there that would say will put that in. we have nearly 50% of florida voters already having cast their ballots. it was all vote by mail. you have a lot of people who have made up their mind. i think there are so few people left you are truly undecided. the damage that was done. away from hillary clinton. will the it swing things in her favor. president obama has just gotten up on stage. florida's estate to win at this point.
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they honestly look to be crucial as well. i've lived in ohio for several years. it's pretty much a specialty. they won wanted michigan. we don't know how opinion has coalesced there. we won't know until tuesday night. let's listen to president obama. >> they created 15 and half million new jobs. unemployment rate 4.9 percent. near a nine year low. 20million americans have health insurance.
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we kicked our action to foreign oil. gas is $2 a gallon. we brought home more of our men and women in uniform. we took out osama bin laden. haskell get duration rates high all-time high. in all 50 states people have the freedom to marry who they love. we've been working hard. no wonder i have gray hair.
3:39 pm
and most of all as i had traveled all across. as i traveled all around the country. i've seen what has made america great. i've seen you the american people. [applause]. i have seen i've seen americans of every party in faith it doesn't matter if you
3:40 pm
are young or old. all of us are pledging allegiance to the red white and blue. in generations to follow. and i will tell you there is only one candidate in this race who has devoted her life to lifting up that better america and that is the next president's of the united states hillary clinton. now, here is the thing though. all of the progress we made goes out the window if we
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don't win the election. we win this election if we win in florida. if we when it it's a wrap. >> he has not heard or he is not interested in representing the major breaking is that has just developed. he is saying based on his review that they discovered a week and a day ago. the fbi well not change its original conclusion made in july that he would not recommend prosecution of hillary clinton for any of the e-mail servers. of the great american pack. ed rollins. this development i don't see it as being positive for donald trump at this point.
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i think it's inappropriate being perfectly honest. we don't know what's there. you know what the documents were. there has been a little bit too much in this campaign from start to finish. he ought to release what's in there. that's a lot of e-mails. >> according to the letter that has just been sent to members of congress. eight of them. what they said's look only at the e-mails that were two or from hillary clinton and then they put in what is called a suite. they feel like it's not happening. add your comment here. i just think it's better to just had stayed out of this. >> included a week and a day
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ago. unless he have some real facts and figures. they have it. it just adds to the story here. it takes away from them finishing on the note they want to finish on. we are going to listen right now. here he comes to the podium. extraordinarily breaking news. donald trump just landed in minneapolis minnesota. >> he will talk about how it's a rate. he will include james comey. let's listen in.
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[applause]. think you. thank you very much everybody. i just looked over there and there was three times more people standing over there than over here. so then i ask a simple question whatever set this deal up why did they move this out to there. it was a genius. i feel so badly. thousands and thousands of people out there.
3:45 pm
that's all we have to put up with it mike. it's great to be back in minnesota today. so important to me. she doesn't even bother to come here. she should be penalized. don't vote for her. she would be a lousy president anyway. believe me. do you really want a president she never came here. i'm asking for the support of every voter in the state. democrat, republican first-time voters of which
3:46 pm
there are many. who want to take our government back from the corrupt political class in washington dc. i'm asking for the votes of student and parents and union workers and african-americans. hispanic americans and all americans who are tired of the government that works for wall street and the special interests it not for the people. it's time for all americans to unite and take back our government. i am very honored to have won the mock vote of the high school student in minnesota. probably one of the reasons i'm here. we're doing incredibly in the
3:47 pm
minnesota polls. everybody sane did you hear that you want the house -- the high school vote. the kidsnow better than we do. often times. this election is all about creating a better future for our children. it's brought us nothing but poverty at home in disaster overseas. that's what we have. it has blood our country dry. we owe $20 trillion. it's time for real change that puts people back in charge and puts our people back to work again. this election has the corrupt
3:48 pm
political class for you with the american people. i used to be on the other side for a long time. i saw what was happening not only the right direction our country was going to hell. the iran deal so many things. you could go over them one by one and we will discuss some of them right now but i can tell you this this is our last chance when i can have another chance for years you can forget it. by that time you will have supreme court judges that are set. you will never have another shot. this is it. we have to get out and vote. you have to make sure. i came to minnesota i took so much heat they all said on television why is he going to
3:49 pm
minnesota. so far in two years i had been right and they had been wrong. they been saying i can't believe he's going to minnesota. he should be elsewhere. as i said hillary clinton has not been here once. he should not be in minnesota. i love minnesota. i know it's can happen. in today's we are going to win the great state of minnesota and we are cannot win back the white house. real change begins with immediately repealing and replacing obama care at the
3:50 pm
disaster. just been announced that the residents of minnesota are going to experience close to 60% rate increase in your premiums. it can go a lot higher than that. every single one and losing big and so may ways. but you are losing all of your insurers. governor of your state who pushed for this horrible healthcare said the affordable care act is no longer affordable. premiums are surging, companies our leaving. doctors are quitting and deductibles are going through the roof. if $17,000 yet hillary clinton
3:51 pm
wants to double down on obama care and make it even more it's can be double. i'm asking for your vote so we can bring sanity to the process so we can repeal and replace obama care and save healthcare for every family in minnesota it in our country. they are standing there looking at a wall.
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[applause]. you're worse than i am. so let as many as you can in. it will be a real wall. it will stop the poison. and the drugs from coming into our country and totally poisoning our youth and plenty of others. real change also means restoring honesty to government. the first thing you should do is get rid of clinton. hillary clinton will be under investigation for a long time. for her many crimes against our nation, our people are democracy, rightly can trudy -- concluding and it criminal trial.
3:53 pm
>> you have to understand it is a rigged system and she is protected. a four-star general could go to jail for up to five years two weeks ago. general pretorius is not protected. some of the other people were not protected. she is protected by a rigged system. she should not even be allowed to run for president. i will tell you that right now. she is the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency of the united states. my contract with the american voter begins with a plan to end government corruption and to take our country back in the the special interest in donors.
3:54 pm
i want the entire washington establishment to hear our words as we all stay together when we when on november 8 we are going to drain the swamp. and him and help you on immigration in minnesota. i know it's happening to you and it's not a good thing. it's not pretty. at the core of my contract is my plan to bring jobs back to our country. america has lost one third of its manufacturing jobs is nafta. a deal originally signed by bill clinton a supported by hillary. america has lost 70,000 factories since china entered
3:55 pm
the world trade organization another bill and hillary backed disaster. for the highest share of jobs lost due to a trade deficit with china. and then you are going to vote for the people that did that to you. i don't think so. why do i feel good about minnesota. [chanting] i will tell you one thing. if i don't win minnesota and cannot look really bad to those pundits. the world miss -- the world's most dishonest people. the media. they are dishonest people.
3:56 pm
and when hillary clinton was secretary of straight -- estate our trade deficit grew 40%. we are living through the greatest job loss in the history of the country. they moved their jobs overseas. they laid a 408 workers and moved their jobs overseas. they laid off 200 workers in plymouth and moved their jobs like 70 others to mexico. not can happen anymore. it's over.
3:57 pm
they moved their jobs to mexico. ibm laid off workers in minneapolis and moved their jobs to india and very other countries. they will stop the jobs from leading -- leaving america. we will stop them immediately from leaving minnesota. one of the reasons i ran in one of the main reasons i ran if they want to fire their workers admitted to another country and then ship their products back into the united states through what will be a very strong border i promise you. we will make them pay a 35% tax on those products.
3:58 pm
and i will tell you what will happen. not very complicated. they're not can move. our politicians are controlled by special interests donors, and others and some of them aren't very bright. even hearing this for years. how do we stop this terrible out flow. most people don't even think of these things. but let me tell you you put a tax on those products when they make a they want to move to mexico as a whole different ballgame. they will stay with you. and when we lower taxes on businesses which were going to do we are cannot start new businesses. we will also unleash american energy including natural glass -- natural gas and clean coal
3:59 pm
will also cancel all harmful regulations that hit minnesota farmers and workers. i was looking at the stats. it doesn't sound like a very exciting life but it is actually. but minnesota has really been hurt so i say what you want to put the same people back into office four. we are going to be great for minnesota we will become a rich nation again but to be a rich nation we must also be a safe nation and you know how that's going. minnesota, you know what's going it's going on. you know what i'm talking
4:00 pm
about. just quietly not. the whole another -- the whole world knows what's happening. hillary wants a 550% increase in syrian refugees pouring into our country. ..


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